Three Simple Steps to More Referrals for Your Paint Business Reply

If you’ve been following our comprehensive guide to establishing an online presence we published over a month ago, you should be starting to see some results from your efforts. Hopefully you are on your way to establishing credibility as an expert in professional paint work and the message about your services and organization is starting to reach prospective clients. As we mentioned then, developing a positive online presence that can lead to new clients and new business is an ongoing process that takes time. If you’ve gotten started and are being diligent in managing your online profiles and reputation, then we say, “Good job!” Giving proper time and attention to the online portion of your marketing efforts will lead to new clients, more customers, and increased brand awareness.

That said, there are certainly other ways to earn new customers. And the easiest is through customer referrals.


Chemistry Corner: Ultraviolet Radiation and Industrial Paint Reply

Most people who aren’t professional painters think discolored paint is an eyesore. Whether it be on an old car driving by or a warehouse they pass on the way to work, cracked and faded paint often leads to people wondering, “Why don’t they repaint that building?” or “That car sure could use a fresh coat of paint.” Most people don’t stop to think about it beyond the noticeable appearance of the item, but professional painters know better. They realize that while aesthetic appearance is important, faded paint is actually an indicator of a bigger problem: the surface below is being irreparably damaged by harmful ultraviolet rays.