Another Shade of Grey: Interior Paint Color Considerations Reply

It wasn’t long ago that if a client wanted a neutral interior paint color, their choices were limited to different shades of white or beige. Color names like “ivory”, “canvas,” “off white”, and “pearl” adorned the walls of homes. Occasionally a room would be painted green, brown, blue, or yellow…but instances of grey were few and far between. Furthermore, professional designers and paint professionals were loathe to suggest or recommend a grey pallette to clients because matching grey to other colors felt like an insurmountable challenge.

My, how times have changed.


5 Exterior Paint Trends for 2014, from Front Doors to Shutters 1

Commercial clients often opt for exterior colors that reflect their logo, usually limited to a roster of colors approved by a property manager, or they stick with standard industrial hues. But your residential clients will present more of a challenge and may want your input on their exterior color choices. In fact, if you see a client making what could be an epic color mis-step and don’t offer some well-meaning advice, you’re doing them a disservice. Here are some of the exterior paint trends you can expect for 2014 so you can give your clients relevant tips.


Top 5 Interior Paint Color Trends for 2014 2

Depending on what type of businesses you typically work with, you may find that many of your commercial clients are more conservative when it comes to selecting paint colors, and they tend to stick with standard, neutral colors that are functional and restrained rather than bold. But there will be those that want to try something different, more creative and trendier. Clients in the retail space may be more open to a wider range of interesting colors, as will creative industries and some high-tech companies.


“That’s Good Enough” Rarely Is: Drawdown Cards in Everyday Use for Better Color Accuracy 2

Last night I was watching a home improvement show on cable television. The show featured a famous former athlete renovating a farmhouse in Italy. It was part of a series, as the renovation of an entire home in another country clearly takes some time. Along the way, the show’s featured star visited street markets to find accent pieces and rustic antique shops to find the furniture pieces that would decorate his renovated home. At one point, he purchased eight dinner chairs for his dining room with the intention of sanding them down and repainting them a flat, sage green color. So far, so good.

But when he went to choose the paint color, I nearly fell over in shock.