Using Image-Based Social Media to Promote Your Painting Business Reply

Last month we took a look at how you can and should use social media to promote your commercial painting business. We focused on Yelp, Facebook and GooglePlus, and touched a little on Instagram and YouTube. But today we’re going to dig deep into visual social media and visual content as a means to market your services. Painting services very naturally lend themselves to visual media because clients will naturally want to know how your work looks. Providing would-be customers with this visual evidence is bound to drum up more business once they see the impressive results of your work!


How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Painting Business 2

In the last two days, we have discussed the importance of creating and managing an online presence for your painting business. The most important part of your online identity is your website. Most potential clients will seek out your website prior to working with you, so it is important that what they find is a great representation of what you offer.

That said, there are a number of other tools available online that you can use to leverage your brand and reach even more potential clients. The tools below aren’t guaranteed to bring new business on their own, but together they can help establish your expertise and professionalism in a way that separates you from competitors that aren’t putting in the time and energy to cultivate a positive online reputation. The following services are all online, free to setup an account, and are a great way to engage with potential clients, as well as your professional community. As a note, I’ve provided links to help you get started with each service as well – it really is simple!