Time-Saving Tools: Pros and Cons of All-in-One Paint and Primer Reply

The job should have been simple: four bedrooms in a one story suburban house. The client was preparing to put the house on the market and wanted all of the bedroom walls to be a calm, natural color. Jesse and Sal scheduled the job for a Tuesday morning and figured that by working together they would be done in a day, no problem.

But Jesse failed to take into account that three of the bedrooms belonged to young children. As such, the walls were painted bright colors like purple and orange, and they were full of pin holes from Mickey Mouse posters and other keepsakes tacked to the sheetrock. As they prepared the drop clothes, taped off the doorjambs, and got to work priming the walls Sal turned to Jesse and commented, “With the time it takes to prime the walls, let them dry, and then paint….we may not get this done in one day.”