Top 5 Interior Paint Color Trends for 2014 2

Depending on what type of businesses you typically work with, you may find that many of your commercial clients are more conservative when it comes to selecting paint colors, and they tend to stick with standard, neutral colors that are functional and restrained rather than bold. But there will be those that want to try something different, more creative and trendier. Clients in the retail space may be more open to a wider range of interesting colors, as will creative industries and some high-tech companies.


Surface Preparation on Industrial Structures: Painting The Statue of Liberty Reply

Do you know how long it takes to paint the Statue of Liberty? Any guess as to how many gallons of paint are required to paint the iconic statue that has welcomed millions to the shores of America? Is it painted with brushes, sprayers, rollers? How often is the Statue of Liberty painted? Do you know already? Care to wager a guess? The answers are as follows….

No time at all…zero…none of the above…and never.

That’s right, the outside of the Statue of Liberty isn’t painted at all! It’s coated in a layer of copper that’s a little less than 1/8th of an inch thick. Cleaned on occasion? Absolutely. Painted? Never.


After the Job Is Done: Unique Marketing Tips for Professional Painters Reply

The top service companies on earth don’t do what is expected – they do more than is expected. That additional effort or offering is what makes them exceptional. Over time, exceptional companies stand out from the crowd. Eventually, a tipping point is reached and the exceptional company is no longer “the best available choice”… it’s the only choice. On a long enough timeline, the company that wows its clients and customers with a greater frequency and to a greater degree than every competitor eventually wins the sector and becomes a titan in their chosen market. Exceptional service is that powerful of a tool.

But you don’t have that kind of time. You aren’t interested in “eventually” or “later.” Your paint company needs to differentiate itself from the competition today, not tomorrow. These four unusual, seemingly small customer service tips are all set in motion once the painting is complete, and will set your paint company apart from the competition in the client’s mind even after you’ve moved on to the next job. We can’t guarantee that your sales pipeline will magically fill up overnight, but these four strategies will guarantee that clients don’t soon forget the professionalism of your company or the quality of your work.


Getting Better with Time: Painting Tips for Older and Historic Home Restoration Projects 2

Clyde and his younger sister Ellie grew up in Taylor, Texas. The town had changed a lot in the last fifty years, but one constant was the ante-bellum mansion just off the main street in town. The lady that lived in the house since the early sixties had passed away and the house was put up for sale. The city discussed purchasing the house and making it a museum celebrating the county’s history but ultimately couldn’t find the money in their budget. The home sat vacant for months with a for sale sign in the yard.

One evening while Ellie was over for dinner, Clyde had a wild idea. “Let’s do it. Let’s buy the place and fix it up. Why not? It’s part of our history and the price is right. I’m sure it will be a lot of work, but can you imagine the pride we would feel, the pride the whole town would feel for the house to be restored?” Ellie didn’t take much convincing: “That’s a great idea.”

The next morning Clyde made a call to the bank, the county courthouse, and the realtor on the sign. Three weeks later, he and Ellie owned the place and they were ready to start the work of restoring the home to its previous condition. But restoring a historic home is far from an easy task…


Time-Saving Tools: Pros and Cons of All-in-One Paint and Primer Reply

The job should have been simple: four bedrooms in a one story suburban house. The client was preparing to put the house on the market and wanted all of the bedroom walls to be a calm, natural color. Jesse and Sal scheduled the job for a Tuesday morning and figured that by working together they would be done in a day, no problem.

But Jesse failed to take into account that three of the bedrooms belonged to young children. As such, the walls were painted bright colors like purple and orange, and they were full of pin holes from Mickey Mouse posters and other keepsakes tacked to the sheetrock. As they prepared the drop clothes, taped off the doorjambs, and got to work priming the walls Sal turned to Jesse and commented, “With the time it takes to prime the walls, let them dry, and then paint….we may not get this done in one day.”


Put Your Best Bid Forward: 6 Key Steps to Winning Large-Scale Commercial Paint Jobs 1

The new complex was called Sierra Plaza. It was a three building complex downtown and sported great views of the skyline. The general contractor was taking submissions for both interior and exterior painters and the word throughout the business community was that he was from out of town and came with no prior allegiances. This was just the break the owners of Bruton Commercial Painting were looking for.

Bruton Commercial was a three year old paint company with fifteen painters and an administrative staff of five. The business had grown quickly in the commercial sector by being professional and offering high-quality work at a fair price. Even when Bruton Commercial wasn’t the lowest price bidder for a job, they often still won the business because of their great reputation.

“If we win this job, our business will double in size almost overnight!” Jerry Bruton and his brother Steve were excited about the possibility of winning such a large job. There was only one problem: despite their recent successes in the paint sector, their local business would be competing with large-scale commercial paint companies from all over the state, and neither Jerry nor Steve had any idea what it might take to win a job of this size.


Amazing Paint Stories: The Challenges of Painting the Golden Gate Bridge Reply

While paint may not be a common topic of conversation when it comes to famous landmarks, that’s definitely not the case with the Golden Gate Bridge. In the case of this iconic bridge, everyone has a tidbit to share regarding the herculean task of maintaining its signature color on such a massive scale:

“The Golden Gate Bridge is painted end to end each year!”  Not true. In fact, the current Maintenance Supervisor says that painting the bridge from end to end would take his team of 11 most of their career to accomplish.

“The Golden Gate Bridge was originally to be painted gold, but the planners ordered the wrong color.”  Not true either. The Army wanted the bridge painted with black and yellow stripes so it could be seen through the dense fog by ships. The Air Force wanted the bridge painted red and white like a candy cane so it could be more easily seen by airplanes passing over it. Ultimately, the color was decided by the original designer, who thought the magnificence of the structure deserved a unique color.

“The Golden Gate Bridge’s paint color and formula are closely guarded secrets!”  Also not true. The paint color is actually based on the anti-corrosion primer that came on the original steel and is known as “International Orange.” The specific formula is available on the bridge’s website and through Sherwin Williams, the manufacturer of the paint itself. More…

Brighten Up Your Work Space: Office Paint Selection in the Modern World 1

Beige. Taupe. Ivory. Pearl. Khaki. Canvas. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to describe paint that isn’t white, but which isn’t quite committed enough to a specific color to be described as anything other than “neutral.” If you work in an office, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about. These paint colors are used in offices around the world and represent the nondescript middle ground between actual decoration and a disregard for appearance. However, if you’re a business owner, you no doubt care a great deal about your business and the space in which you work, so why would you succumb to the cliche of boring paint on the walls? What does that say about you? Your business? Your office?

Choosing paint for your office isn’t just about color. Depending on the work being done in the office, a paint selection can drastically affect productivity and morale. Furthermore, different work spaces demand different levels of durability when it comes to paint. Is your office a high traffic area where employees, carts, and deliveries may graze or brush walls on a regular bases? Or is it a large, open space with fewer surfaces needing to be painted? Is your office space energetic and busy or quiet and subdued on a daily basis? Here are some suggestions for choosing not just paint color, but gloss and quality as well, for your office space.


Try Soundproof Paint for a Simple, Cost-Effective Alternative to Insulation Reply

Kathy had to admit it: her son’s rock band was getting better. What started as a cacophony of electric guitars and kick drums now sounded like actual music whenever they played. The band was scheduled to play a high school talent show in just a few weeks, so the game room of her home had been turned into a rehearsal space. Kathy was very proud of the progress they had made, but at the same time she was hopeful that once the show was over, things would go back to normal and the house would go back to being quiet and peaceful. Yes, the band was getting better – but they were still so LOUD.


5 Steps for Exterior Painting, from Surface Preparation to Ongoing Maintenance 3

That the rig was still working was a miracle in itself. The rust, corrosion, and dirt had long since discolored and disfigured the massive steel structure over the years. The owners didn’t properly appreciate that the wear and tear on the pump was affecting the daily yield of the entire system. Maintenance costs were creeping up as more nuts and bolts and cables and panels needed to be replaced. Thankfully, a colleague in the business suggested that rather than continue replacing parts and pieces of the rig over and over, they try a different track and try to protect the rig in the first place. After finding a reputable painter, they job began. It took some time to do it right, but in the end the humble oil rig in South Texas looked as good as new. More importantly, the rig was ready to withstand the heat and dirt and sun for the coming years.