Twenty Rules for Starting a Successful Paint Business – Part Two Reply

In the first part of this installment we shared ten tips for owning and operating a successful paint business.   As mentioned then, these aren’t the only good ideas, tips and rules out there for building your operation in to a thriving enterprise.   That said, the rules below are an excellent foundation and provide useful insight in to what it takes so succeed.   Here are rules 11 through 20 for having your own successful paint business.

Rule #11:  Exceed expectations.  At the halfway point of our list its important to be reminded once again of the importance of the paint work itself.  Most customers and clients will have an idea of how they want the finished job to look but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress them anyway.  Make sure each detail is handled appropriately not just while painting but also while planning for the job and cleaning up when finished.


Twenty Rules for Starting a Successful Paint Business – Part One 1

Owning and operating a paint business can be an amazing experience.   Professional painters get to be creative and work with their hands.  In most cases, being a paint professional means avoiding a desk and having a chance to meet interesting people.   But like most other businesses, having a successful paint business is a lot of hard work.   There are jobs to win and bills to pay, teams to manage and clients to keep happy.

For all the challenges inherent in owning and operating a paint business, there are a number of steadfast rules that can directly lead to sustained success.  Follow these rules and your chances of having a growing paint business will grow.  Break these rules – any of them – and your business will be increasingly vulnerable to failure.  There are a number of great resources available to help you grow your paint business so this list is far from comprehensive.  But the twenty rules below can be a bedrock upon which you build your business going forward.


Building Your Business: Hiring the Right Paint Team for Your Needs 3

Finding painters for your team is not difficult.  However, hiring the right painters for your team can be a challenge.  If you are serious about growing your business, then you need painters that are reliable, do great work, and support the goals you have for your organization.  It’s important to balance the total cost of labor (compensation, taxes, paid time off) with the necessary skill to perform quality work.


Avoid Future Shock: Planning For the Future in Your Growing Painting Company Reply

“We had a better year than last year, didn’t we?  Tell me, is the business growing?”

Andres was meeting with his CPA prior to filing his company taxes and was excited about what he was going to hear.  His home painting company had been so busy that he couldn’t remember the last time he had a day off.  He’d hired three new painters full time and was giving thought to buying a warehouse just outside of town to store all of the company’s trucks and materials.


Four Tips to Drive Repeat Business to Your Paint Company 1

In most businesses, retaining a current customer is substantially less expensive then gaining a new customer.  The prevailing wisdom is that a customer you have worked with before is already familiar with the quality of your work and your pricing.  If they are a returning customer then they already have attached a value to the service or product you offer.  As a result, future transactions don’t require much haggling, as both your expectations and those of the customer are already aligned.

Conversely, acquiring a new customer can be a lengthy process that isn’t guaranteed to be profitable in the first place.  You have to find a lead, understand their needs, and match your service to what they are requesting…all with the hope that your price will be agreeable once it has been presented.


More Visitors Please! Increasing Visitor Traffic to Your Professional Paint Website Reply

As we’ve discussed in the past, having a paint business is about a lot more than just painting.  One of the most important – and most overlooked – aspects of owning and operating a paint website is marketing your business.  Most paint professionals rely on word of mouth and repeat business to provide the revenue they need to stay in business and grow.  This kind of marketing is often thought of as the “best” kind:  it’s free and most people trust the recommendation of a friend over an advertisement on the television or in a newspaper.  A healthy number of referrals and happy customers is certainly an excellent way to continue growing your business.


Five Cost-Effective Ways to Advertise Your Painting Company – Business Tips 4

You’ve opened a bank account and chosen a name for your painting company.  You have the materials and instruments needed to do a great job. Now, all you need is customers. Uh oh…maybe you should have thought of that first?

The most important part of any business is actually having customers.   That seems obvious, but a startling number of people who start companies worry over relatively unimportant details (the color of their logo, whether to use Quickbooks or Peachtree for bookkeeping, etc.) while ignoring the most important aspect of future success:  Having customers in the first place.


Looking Bigger Than You Are: 4 Ways to Enhance the Perception of Your Painting Company Reply

One of the challenges for small and midsize paint companies is the perception that others have of your business in the marketplace.  It’s a catch 22 in many service businesses:  you want your company to appear small enough to provide excellent service and care to the client, but large enough to handle any job request that is made.

The benefits of appearing larger than you are can be great.  Having a company that is perceived as “large” offers credibility and validity that is hard to establish if the entire company is just you and a friend.  The perception that one or two people are handling all the tasks from the painting to the bookkeeping and everything in between can give the customer the impression that there is too much potential for something to go wrong in the job.  They might be asking, “How can one or two people handle all of this?”


5 Things Paint Professionals Can Do to Avoid Lowering Prices and Still Win Business 1

One of the most prevalent mistakes in any business is thinking that a lower price than the competition is always a good business strategy.  The notion that customers will be attracted to the lowest priced vendor seems reasonable at first, until the deeper meaning of such a strategy is uncovered.  For starters, there is likely someone else capable of delivering the job at an ever-decreasing price point.  Secondly, reducing price to win business signals to the customer that your offering may not just be inexpensive, but also “cheap.”


New Business for Painters – Five Things Every Professional Painter Should Be Doing 6

If you are a professional painter that owns or works for a small company, you are no doubt familiar with the challenges of finding new business.  Competition is significant as there is no shortage of other painters vying for the same jobs you are.  Considering there are only so many hours in a day to actually perform the work, it is imperative that paint professionals be attracting the right jobs to their business if they are interested in succeeding long term.