Free Viscosity Cup Conversion Chart from BYK-Gardner 2

Viscosity Conversion Chart Photo Courtesy of BYK-Gardner.

Viscosity Conversion Chart
Photo Courtesy of BYK-Gardner.

BYK-Gardner has a free Viscosity Cup Conversion Chart Poster that is available for your offices, labs or facilities around the world.  If you interested in ordering a free poster, BYK-Gardner Laboratories Blog has included the form to order your viscosity poster at the bottom of this post.

The Viscosity Cup Conversion Chart

The Viscosity Conversion Chart poster compares the efflux times of the BYK-Gardner Zahn cups, S90 Signature Zahn cups, EZ Zahn cups, Ford cups, Din Cup 4mm, and ISO cups. The poster also includes instructions for using the chart, standards, specifications, viscosity equations, centistokes vs. efflux time, and suggested standard oils for each cup.

This chart is a guide to convert the efflux time, in seconds, measured with a given viscosity cup to the efflux time an alternate cup would measure using the same fluid. This chart is not meant to take the place of making the actual measurement.

Order your FREE Viscosity Cup Conversion Chart here!

Fill the form below or call 800-343-7721 or 301-483-6500 to request your Viscosity Cup Conversion Chart Poster today. If you are requesting multiple posters, please add that request to the additional comment section.


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