5 Ways to Increase Paint Color Match Accuracy Before Every Job 1

“That doesn’t look right.”

“No, it sure doesn’t.”

Janet, an interior designer, was talking to Bill, her paint contractor, about a new coat that had been applied to a client’s living room.

“I know the paint can says they are the same color-mix, and both are eggshell finish. But it looks…off.”

Bill nodded in agreement. It wasn’t that the color was wrong, or that the paints weren’t both eggshell finish. Rather, one paint looked a little duller than the other.

“What do we do?” asked Janet.

“We may have to repaint the whole room.  I don’t know if its the paint or just that the older paint has dulled over time due to sunlight or…something.  But this isn’t the kind of paint work that I can stand beside.”


Paint Business and Marketing: Financing Larger Paint Jobs and Maintaining Vendor Relations Reply

In many businesses, owners and operators often say that receiving a larger than normal order for work is a “good problem to have.”  The thinking is that if you book a big job that is outside of your ability to perform, you will find a way to succeed regardless. But that kind of thinking only delays the inevitable for a few moments. True, a large paint job can be very profitable for your paint business, but only if you find a way to complete it to the client’s wishes. Finding more painters or being able to finance materials can often be an insurmountable challenge. While the temptation may be great to ask the client for prepayment or to pay for the materials used, both of these options are unappealing. If you have to request that your client cover costs before the work begins, then you may be signaling to them that you are in over your head.


Rise of the Machines: Protecting Your Business from Paint Automation Reply

As we’ve discussed before, paint automation is becoming more and more present in professional paint work.  As new developments in robotics and programming emerge, more and more paint work is being performed by sophisticated robots and machines instead of individual painters. And as with most technology, the cost of utilizing robots for these processes is declining at an accelerating rate. That said, not all types of commercial painting can be handled by a machine and not all clients are prepared to embrace automation for work.